Holistic Woodland Management

We are a team of professional local woodsmen offering traditional skills, woodland management techniques and woodland management plans to small woodland owners in South Devon who are passionate about sustainable woodland and forestry management.

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From environmental conservation to practical woodland management you can ask us.

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We work at the highest level to all industry standards.

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We take pride in our work and are insured to 5 million pounds public liability insurance.

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Dynamic and passionate about the work we undertake.


Our Services

Initial Onsite Survey and Report

An essential first step in discovering what is in your woodland and what your woodland could be. A 2-3 hour visit followed up by a written report. This initial survey informs all other decisions about how to manage your woodland.

Woodland Management Services

We carry out practical operations such as thinning woodland, creation and maintenance of woodland rides and woodland glades, coppice restoration, removal of invasive species, deer fencing and deer management, all in the context of holistic forest planning.

Tree Planting

Tree planting is a vital part of why sustainable forests are important. We source trees of local provenance, encourage consideration of natural regeneration. We offer ground preparation, planting, protection, aftercare and advice on how to maintain woods once they are established.


It's Hedge Laying Season! Time is short so book us in today - your local Hedge Laying Contractors - if you need help with your overgrown hedges. This is one of our specialities, we even know Hedge Laying Welsh Style, and they look great once they are done.

Tree Surgery

We are qualified and insured to work at height to survey and work on larger trees, to reinstate ancient pollards, and to prune or remove trees which pose a threat to the public or to buildings.

Chainsaw Milling

A low impact method of maximising value from your timber. Using just a chainsaw and a guide rail we can access timber on wet or inaccessible slopes to produce planks, beams and other sectional timber without the need for extraction or the use of heavy machinery.

Woodland Management Plans

We produce a document integrating your vision for the woodland with the realities of sustainable forest management.

Adam demonstrating how to not only climb a tree that needs some essential maintenance, but also how to do it safely especially when chainsaws are in the mix.
About Us

About Us

At the heart of South Devon Woodland Management are the workers with backgrounds in environmental conservation, traditional land management and the creation of sustainable woodland produce. Adam & Martin and their team will provide a personalised service for you.


Martin's passion is managing South Devon woodlands for wildlife & timber production, and re-establishing positive relationships between humans and nature.

He has a wealth of experience in the world of trees and wood having worked alongside woodland managers, charcoal burners, shire horse loggers, conservationists and woodworkers.

Martin has worked for 10 years as a woodsman and carpenter and understands the connection between trees and the people who work with wood, believing passionately in the need to create biodiverse and productive woodlands.


Adam has worked within the countryside management and environmental conservation industry for the last 12 years including working for the National Trust and Wildlife Trust for a number of years.

In 2016 he left the National Trust and set up his own business in South Devon using the traditional skills he had acquired: stone walling, hedge laying and managing woodland.

Adam immediately connected with Martin's passion and love for woodland management so South Devon Woodland Management was created in 2018, with the aim of creating sustainable working woodlands over South Devon.

Martin (left) & Adam (right) stopping work momentarily for a photo opportunity of them in their element: the hedgerows and woodlands of South Devon.
"We are passionate about sustainable woodland management which has a positive effect on the environment and the people who connect with it" --- Martin & Adam
Seasonal Focus
Tree Care & Treatment


Have you thought about creating your own coppice?

You can create your own sustainable harvest of woodland produce such as firewood that also has a positive effect on woodland biodiversity.

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George Gilpin...

“We are very pleased with the work that Martin and Adam are doing for us as we begin to manage and rejuvenate our hedges and woodland areas. They are knowledgable, reliable and trustworthy - we have no hesitation in recommending South Devon Woodland Management”

// landowner at Whiddon Down
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